About Us

In-House Paging Systems design, manufacture and install on-site messaging solutions.

People and information are the backbone of any organisation! Without the ability to quickly and easily contact staff members, service levels suffer. Productivity decreases when messages are left and runners sent to locate people - what was originally a simple, quick query, now becomes drawn out and delayed. Also, time and money are wasted returning customers' phone calls.

At Pro-Call Messaging Solutions, we design, manufacture and install on-site calling systems to allow you to stay in-touch with your personnel and customers wherever they are, on or about your premises. We have done this since 1984, and have helped hundreds of hotels, restaurants, factories, hospitals, educational institutions and property owners as well as ships at sea, solve their communications headaches. Our customers are spread throughout Southern Africa, West and East Africa, and the Indian Ocean Islands. We number both small as well as blue-chip multi-national companies amongst our customer set.