Pagers provide the message interface your personnel require to inform them of actions to be performed. Numeric pagers display only numeric digits, whilst alpha-numeric models display a full set of characters and digits.

Manufactured in Singapore by the same specialist supplier which for many years OEM'd Motorola's pagers before Motorola left the paging market, our pagers meet quality standards expected in the USA and Europe. We carry a full inventory of spare parts and accessories and have a fully equipped workshop with trained technicians to support our products.

Pro-Call Bravo 802 Alpha-numeric pager

The Pro-Call Bravo 802 alpha-numeric pager sets the standard for alphabetic pagers, world-wide. We stock models operating in the UHF frequency band using the internationally accepted POCSAG paging protocol.

Pro-Call Bravo 502 Numeric pager

This rugged, well-proven pager is the yardstick by which all other numeric pagers are measured. Widely used in the hospitality industry, we stock UHF models using the POCSAG paging protocol.

Pro-Call Bravo 500 Numeric pager

The Pro-Call Bravo 500 is one of the smallest numeric pagers available. Available on the UHF frequency band, this pager utilising the POCSAG paging protocol, is available in limited quantities only.