Entry Level Systems

Restaurants, guest houses, offices and warehouses all have staff location challenges.
We have solutions for all staff location problems in establishments needing to call up to eight staff members.

Summons service personnel quickly and easily with a simple touch of a button.

In a restaurant, keep waiters in the dining area and out of the kitchen, thus maximising spend per table. Direct house-keepers and service personnel to where they are needed without disturbing guests. In offices, call cleaning staff, office assistants and security to where they are needed without hassles.

Pro-Call Courier

Touching one of the numbered buttons sends a signal to start the staff member's pager beeping or vibrating, and a pre-programmed message is displayed. An LED on the Courier base unit flashes momentarily to indicate that the signal has been sent.

Battery operated, the Pro-Call Courier is quick to install and very reliable. It will cover most restaurants, guest houses, and smaller commercial operations.

Supplied with battery, pager not included.


  • Call capacity for 8 pagers/messages
  • Single call button for each pager/message
  • Wall-mounted or handheld
  • Battery operated (mains on request)